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Machetes, Anti-Semitism and De-Transitioners

by Joanne Lockwood

When I volunteered to write an opinion piece for the November 2019 edition of the IEDP newsletter, I really had no idea where to start. I blog infrequently and coming up with something inspiring and thoughtful was not coming easily…  that is until I read the papers and watched the evening television that week…


Are we up for Uniformity, Exclusion and Rejection?

What is the business case or return on uniformity or exclusion, or the justification for the rejection of perfectly good people during our hiring process or when looking to develop our people internally and promote?

All alone - An Astronaut floating in space
All alone floating in space

What do you mean? You don’t write that kind of business case?

Yet I still hear of organisations that need to justify Diversity and Inclusion and to create a culture of belonging!

Why is that?

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Anyone for soup? – Is your product inclusive by design, you might think so but is it really?

Anyone for soup?

Your company is one that produces products for the mass markets, consumer products that you naturally expect that everyone can use and can benefit from, am I right?

You engage with your own product design teams, probably carry out market research to make sure that every aspect has been considered from all angles, after all you have been in the business for many many decades and have extensive experience in this market. 

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Is your Diversity & Inclusion Vision in the right hands?

Super Chicken
Super-Chicken Photo credit to JD Hancock via Flickr

You do have a Vision for Diversity and Inclusion in your organisation, right? Ok well, possibly not!

There’s a plethora of value statements, visions and goals out there nowadays, some seem empty and most probably feel irrelevant, a corporate idea forced in by HR in order to appease the board or because someone heard its a good idea that everyone else is doing. There is often very little buy in, communication, or in fact any long term strategy or goals.

The business demands a “quick fix” with some eLearning or an hour long “Intro to Unconscious Bias” training session. No wonder we are not making much of an in road, there is no vision.

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Keynotes and Conferences

Tailored to be relevant to your event, our main topics are; Transgender Awareness & Inclusion, Conscious Inclusion and Building Inclusive Leadership Cultures and Effective Teams.


Trans Inclusion Diagnostic

Working with your team, we will perform a diagnostic to determine areas where your Trans Inclusion policies and procedures need closer review – be that in language, in recruitment or within teams. We will identify training and awareness needs across your organisation and propose a programme of activities to resolve any areas that are uncovered.


Workshops and Training

On-Premise Workshops and Training sessions from half to a whole day, tailored to meet the content and terminology relevant to your organisation.


Consulting Services

Consulting Services to develop Transgender Inclusion Policies and Transition At Work Pathways. Working with your organisation on Trans Readiness Audits and Action Plans for Inclusion.


Podcasts and Radio Interviews

Joint Podcasts and Interviews to promote subject matter on your channel or as a contribitor to a discussion on Local or National Radio.


Lunch & Learn

One Hour Training sessions and workshops to your team in a lunch break or after work to fit in with your preferred schedule and availability.

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