Audits and Policy Reviews

By introducing relevant policies and creating a culture of inclusion businesses can reap the commercial benefits of ensuring an equal and diverse workforce, including improving performance, building a good reputation, and attracting and keeping staff.

We are able to perform consultancy to look at existing Inclusion Policies for Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming individuals.  Whether it is a transition at work guide, supporting managers and co-workers when a colleague is transitioning at work, or during the recruitment process to ensure that the process is sensitive, fair and respectful of individuals who are going through or have been through Gender Transition or are Gender Non-Conforming such as Non-Binary or Gender Fluid.

We review Application forms, Signage, HR policies, Staff Handbooks, Environment right through to Clothing and Facilities using our unique “Trans Inclusion Audit

By looking at the way you great visitors, deal with people on the phone and generally how effective your organisation is being a place where LGTBT+ and Trans individuals can feel safe to be open and bring their whole selves to work.  Not forgetting looking at sub-contractors and supply-chain obligations to ensure your ethos and values are communicated effectively.

SEE Change Happen: Transgender Awareness & Inclusion