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Agender is the lack of gender. It is a Non-binary gender identity in which someone is not male, female, or any other gender.

Some Agender individuals completely lack gender, some may call themselves Agender because their gender is unknown or an undefinable gender, their gender may not align with any binary or Non-binary categories, or they may not care about gender as a label.

Many Agender people also identify as Non-binary, genderqueer, or transgender, though some choose those avoid these terms.



Aliagender is a gender which is “other”, or stands apart from existing social gender constructs.

It is a specific Non-binary identity which is not a mixture of male and female, nor an absence of gender, but instead a strong, specific gender identity that is not man or woman.



Androgyne or androgynous is a identity under the non-binary umbrella, described by some as; in between the masculine and feminine.

Some androgynous people identify as neither male nor female. Some people may use androgyne interchangeably with non-binary or genderqueer.

Androgynous can be used as a gender identity on it’s own, but it is also frequently used to describe gender presentation where someone presents in a gender neutral way.



Non-Binary-buttonNon-Binary refers to someone who’s gender does not fall strictly within the category of man or women, as used in the 21st century by western society.

Non-binary can be a gender identity on its own, or it can be used as an umbrella term for anyone whose gender is something other than male or female.

Some people may also use the term genderqueer interchangeably with Non-binary.

Non-binary is included in the umbrella of transgender, although not all Non-binary people identify as transgender.

Also often also known as, or shortened to enby, or NB.

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