It’s never too late to be what you might have been

ByJoanne Lockwood

It’s never too late to be what you might have been

Amy is a strong advocate for being a midlife beginner after starting multiple businesses in her forties; a Coach, Mentor, Podcaster, Mastermind Host, Speaker and Property Investor who inspires and empowers clients to discover the life they dream of.

Amy believes who you are, what you do and what you have is all within your control and what you want to have determines what you become and what you do. She is a strong advocate for switching from just existing to living. Like the Henry Ford quote, ‘whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.’ You must put the effort in to get results.

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In your midlife Amy believes you can leverage the experience you have amassed and turn it into something you have a passion for. Doing things because they are right for you, rather than being worried about other people’s opinions.  Growing up Amy said her generation had limited exposure to opportunities, very different to nowadays with the use of the internet, which meant you can often set off on a path and fall into a career that you are not totally sure about, and often get stuck with this. 

Amy has two children and the best piece of advice she was given was to treat them individually, rather than equally. As a parent you are making the best decisions with the choices you have at that moment. By focusing on her passion and building her businesses her husband was able to step back from a hugely stressful role and they are now able to spend more time together as a family.

Due to COVID-19 and lockdown we have all had to slow down, meaning a lot of people have used this period as an opportunity to press the reset button and pursue their passions. Often a trauma or catalyst triggers a lifestyle change, but Amy is trying to teach people that you don’t have to wait, by taking responsibility and becoming more self-aware of who we are and what you want to do is empowering. She worries that too many people are sleep walking through their lives. She explains that it doesn’t have to be a huge change, it can be small things – taking time to prioritise what is important to you and what you enjoy doing, perhaps through that realising there are opportunities that can turn your vocation into a profession. It takes time to invest in yourself and your abilities, all about personal development and banishing limiting beliefs and imposter syndrome, perhaps making ourselves lifelong learners, because as Amy says, ‘she doesn’t even know what she still doesn’t know.’

Our self-talk is critical and has a huge impact on how we can move forward. Amy advocates writing a journal, especially in the morning, as by writing our negative or limiting thoughts down we stop carrying them with us and they become less powerful. We have over 60,000 thoughts a day, many of which are repetitive and negative. Often when we are in the moment, we can’t see the bigger picture and get stuck. Recognise all the little steps and celebrate the small wins that occur.

We feel belonging when really listened to, so checking in with others and checking in on our mental health is so important. We need to feel able to share our experiences. Amy has been quite conscious of filtering out negative elements in her world and focusing on the positives. Need to focus on solid relationships and your circle of friends, making sure they are having a positive impact on your life. Shift in mindset and that you are in control, see obstacles as being on your way, not in your way.

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