Keynote at #IWD2018 hosted by NatWest

ByJoanne Lockwood

Keynote at #IWD2018 hosted by NatWest

I really enjoyed delivering a keynote at NatWest’s Entrepreneurial Spark Hub in Leeds yesterday in support of their International Women in Business event #IWD2018. I talked about my own life and entrepreneurial journey, developing my mindset, overcoming my own limiting beliefs and impostor syndrome.

It was an honour and privilege to be given a stage alongside some very inspirational women and audience of local female business leaders.

Keynote @ #IWD2018

What the audience said;

Absolutely amazing presentation from the wonderful @jo_lockwood1965 at the Leeds Women in Business event.

Rachel Ross – Rachel Sarah Media

It was a very inspiring talk – it really connected with the audience and made us all laugh a lot too! The ‘imposter’ syndrome really struck home for me.

Tessa Critchlow – Interior Designer at Monkey and Pickle Interior Design

It was fantastic, I was riveted to the spot and inspired beyond belief! Thank you Jo.

Katie Greenhalf – Creative corporate film maker at This Film Production Ltd

Hi Joanne great to meet you yesterday, loved the presentation! Keep up the good work.

Hayley McAllister – Business Development Executive at She Loves York

Oh my goodness, it was so so so so so so so so so amazing to meet you today. Let’s connect.

Mihaela Gruia – Founder at Research Retold

Hello Jo, I told you on Tuesday & I will say it again…your speech at the NatWest International Women’s Day event was truly inspirational not to mention moving. Thank you. Regards Sarah

Sarah Hull – Family Law Consultant at All Family Law Consultancy Ltd

Joanne was a fantastic guest speaker at our NatWest Women In Business event! A really inspirational personal story which lit up the whole room. From a real struggle to a great success you should be very proud of yourself.

I would jump at the opportunity to work with Joanne on future events and would encourage others to collaborate!

I do hope our paths across again on a future event plus you continue to share your fantastic story and raise awareness for a real issues in our industry!

Wishing you all the best for the future!

Nathan Johnson – Business Enabler at NatWest Business

Joanne came to our Leeds NatWest Entrepreneur Accelerator as one of the Inspirational speakers to celebrate International Women in Business Day.  Joanne was instantly able to connect with her audience as an entrepreneur with years of credible experience but also as a human who has faced and overcome challenges. It was a superb session and I would highly recommend Joanne as a speaker.

Natasha Babar-Evans – Entrepreneur Acceleration Manager at NatWest and LEP Enterprise Adviser

Hi Joanne, I was at the talk in Leeds today and although I didn’t get to meet you, I wanted to connect just to say I really enjoyed your talk . It was funny engaging and very honest. Starting out in any business is tough and I know I need to believe in myself more. Thank you again Rebecca

Rebecca Dalzell, Director at

I first met Joanne on the Entrepreneurial Spark Accelerator Program in Portsmouth. During the 3 month program, I watched Joanne’s confidence in herself and her business flourish! Her vision for herself, her business and the world. So when I was asked to arrange a keynote speaker for our first event at the NatWest Entrepreneur Accelerator for International Women’s Day, Joanne was front of mind. Joanne was engaging, sharing her personal and entrepreneurial journey in a refreshingly honest and humourous way. All those in attendance we inspired by Joanne’s story.

As always, an absolute pleasure working with you.

Daniel Burton, Entrepreneur Acceleration Manager @ NatWest 

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