ByJoanne Lockwood

Time to take your penguins for a walk?

For many, lockdown number three is proving to be the hardest yet.

It is cold and dark outside, schools are closed, and job security is an issue for many. Financial pressures are mounting, and we will have been living with Covid-19 in our lives for an entire year as of next month.

Are we looking after ourselves, are we focusing on our own individual needs and ensuring our own mental health is being looked after?

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ByJoanne Lockwood

It’s tough being LGBTQ+ on Valentines’ Day – where are we represented and thought about?

We live in a cis-hetero-normative world and Valentines’ Day reminds many of us of this fact every year.

Everything seems to be geared up around “the lady” and what “the man” will do to woo for affections – ok that may well be the historic story, but we are in 2021 – if the cast of Bridgerton can come from a wide range of communities and sexualities then organisations can think about the message they put out each and every year.

It is LGBT history month in the UK and this surrounds Valentines’ Day – yet we do not have major brands stepping up and shouting out for the LGBT community in their product lines to appeal to those who have same sex partners or who are bi, pan or aromantic.

Marks and Spencer were lorded for their BLT with guacamole to create the LGBT sandwich, but I think they missed a trick this year with the campaign “Valentine’s Day Colin the Caterpillar cake with Connie in ‘Love Cocoon’”

No option to customise this for two Colins, two Connies or even a saucy two Colins and one Connie. Don’t get me started on the overtly gendered names themselves or the white Britishness of the whole experience.

C’mon big brands walk the talk not just this month but every month – we don’t live in a binary cis het world – I know it and you know it – step up! Next year make Valentines’ Day for everyone.

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ByKaren Attlesey

Burnout cannot be dismissed as something that will magically disappear!

An interview with Joanne Lockwood, Founder & CEO of SEE Change Happen and Chris Merrifield, Founder of Burnout Fighter about stress and burnout.

Burnout is often described as a workplace phenomenon and can be dismissed as something that will magically disappear. As a result of this people often do not know the warning signs, or do not feel able to ask for help, should they need it. Research has shown how detrimental stress and burnout can be to a person’s physical and mental health – often affecting their whole lives and there is not one quick fix.

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SEE Change Happen: Transgender Awareness & Inclusion