in Hospitality and Service Sector

People from all walks of life and socio-economic backgrounds interact with services provided in the Hospitality and the Service Sector such as in Hotels, Health Clubs, Restaurants, Tourist Resorts, Pubs and Clubs…

Individuals who are Transgender or Gender Non-Conforming may have additional needs for support and assistance through the services provided. 

It is important to understand how these individuals should be respected and treated, as well as considerations when dealing with their families and associates.  There could well be sensitive issues where individuals are presenting in a way that is ambiguous to their gender identity, or where the rights and needs of others also need to be considered and respected.

These customers, members, clients and users may not be in a position to advocate for themselves and additional help may need to be provided through the use of champions or allies within the team.  Whether its around handing privacy or other social issues there are specific guidelines in place that should be adhered to.

Many expect organisations to be prepared and fully ready, although in reality with so many demands on resources this is often not the case. In addition, like any organisation with a large number of staff employed either directly or indirectly through sub-contract services team members are likely to come in contact with people of all background.  

We are able to provide guidance and assistance to ensure that adequate provision of training is provided to meet obligations under the Equality Act 2010 and although not bound by the Public Sector Equality Duty many of the principles of this act should be respected and implemented.

Our training can be delivered in the form of workshops for specific team members or as a seminar to cover as many people as possible in one session.  It will cover the basic information surrounding Trans individuals and how best to support them, their families and associates.

Please contact us for further information and in the meantime take a look at our workshops.  

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