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IBS030: Personal is Political and How Silence Speaks

Politics in a social sense is distribution of services, who gets what, who counts, whose experience is promoted and whose is vilified. Our own personal experiences are a political point and are what count, what happens to us is a reflection of how and where we live. The statement ‘Personal is political’ comes from a book that Laura first read when she was 7, called Women’s Room. Re-reading the story aged 17, she realised her own experiences, especially around inclusion, feeling left out and not being given an equal chance are what politics are about.

Published Published: 04.03.2021 Recorded Recorded: 10.02.2021 Episode Length Duration: 1:00:59 Downloads Downloads: 104

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IBS029: Giving Yourself a Gold Star
Pam helps organisations by providing them with stress management techniques and works with their teams to help them build their own coping toolkits.

Published Published: 25.02.2021 Recorded Recorded: 07.01.2021 Episode Length Duration: 1:06:20 Downloads Downloads: 607

IBS028: Finding the Magic
Mark is a former accountant who now combines his passion for magic into his consultancy work to try and help everyone find the magic in their own career, life and find their loves/passion.

Published Published: 18.02.2021 Recorded Recorded: 17.12.2020 Episode Length Duration: 1:03:23 Downloads Downloads: 56

IBS027: Who am I, and Who are You?
Roland, an HIV positive survivor, talks about the impact of hidden disabilities and how he had to overcome the stigma of his AIDS diagnosis at work.

Published Published: 04.02.2021 Recorded Recorded: 08.12.2020 Episode Length Duration: 1:08:36 Downloads Downloads: 37

IBS026: Me, My Hormones and I
Lauren is an Executive Coach and Menopause at work specialist, who is passionate about raising awareness on a topic that is often avoided and misunderstood in the workplace.

Published Published: 01.02.2021 Recorded Recorded: 07.12.2020 Episode Length Duration: 1:01:20 Downloads Downloads: 56

IBS025: Being Visible, Listened to and Respected
Susan works with very successful clients who have received feedback relating to how quiet they are and them needing to them to being more impactful.

Published Published: 21.01.2021 Recorded Recorded: 02.12.2020 Episode Length Duration: 1:08:27 Downloads Downloads: 41

IBS024: Everybody can fit into the Soup model
Derek’s biggest Diversity and Inclusion wish is that there is no need for it because common sense and decency rule.

Published Published: 14.01.2021 Recorded Recorded: 30.11.2020 Episode Length Duration: 1:03:58 Downloads Downloads: 34

IBS023: Reducing your fear and anxiety
Mark offers people practical techniques and trauma guidance so that they are able to deal with whatever life may throw at them.

Published Published: 07.01.2021 Recorded Recorded: 30.11.2019 Episode Length Duration: 1:07:03 Downloads Downloads: 49

IBS022: It's never too late to be what you might have been
Amy is a strong advocate for being a midlife beginner after starting multiple businesses in her forties; a Coach, Mentor, Podcaster, Mastermind Host, Speaker and Property Investor who inspires and empowers clients to discover the life they dream of.

Published Published: 31.12.2020 Recorded Recorded: 23.11.2020 Episode Length Duration: 1:00:15 Downloads Downloads: 41

IBS021: Planting a seed of kindness and understanding
Ryals a singer and song writer who was born and raised in the Ukraine talks about how he moved to New York where he got married to his husband to begin a new life

Published Published: 24.12.2020 Recorded Recorded: 15.09.2020 Episode Length Duration: 1:12:25 Downloads Downloads: 35

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