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IBS038: Secrets from the habitologist

Tony helps people to make habits automatic. This started when he began to immerse himself in all aspects of health, he found he was easily able to impart his knowledge to others, but this didn’t translate into them being able to implement what they had learnt into their lives. . It was only when he read the book ‘tiny habits’ that everything clicked in to place and he realised that by starting small, scaling up gradually over time, you’re more likely to succeed in whatever behaviour you are trying to automate. If you set yourself an unachievable mission, you will often not enjoy it and feel deflated if you are not able to achieve it.

Published Published: 29.07.2021 Recorded Recorded: 12.05.2021 Episode Length Duration: 00:00 Downloads Downloads: 32

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IBS037: Homes for Heroes
Mushtaq Khan is passionate about tackling inequality, giving people the best chance in life through helping the social housing sector become more inclusive through leadership and governance, community services and workforce development.

Published Published: 22.07.2021 Recorded Recorded: 10.05.2021 Episode Length Duration: 1:01:58 Downloads Downloads: 61

IBS036: Freeing women from being prisoners of their pain
Diksha grew up in Uganda with Indian heritage and saw prejudice against the indigenous people first hand and then she herself became a refugee at the age of 15 and now wants to free all women from being prisoners of pain.

Published Published: 15.07.2021 Recorded Recorded: 07.05.2021 Episode Length Duration: 0:57:59 Downloads Downloads: 47

IBS035: Empowering everyone to be able to share their gifts with the world
Penny was just getting into her stride with managing in-person programmes when September 11th 2001 shifted her ways of working and forcing her to be an early adopter of virtual working.

Published Published: 08.07.2021 Recorded Recorded: 30.04.2021 Episode Length Duration: 0:59:14 Downloads Downloads: 40

IBS034: Driving the message that inclusion is a cold-nosed business priority
Neil, the CEO of the REC, talks about his belief that responsible and conscious capitalism can be inclusive and be able to realise the benefits to their business

Published Published: 08.04.2021 Recorded Recorded: 19.03.2021 Episode Length Duration: 1:04:07 Downloads Downloads: 5109

IBS033: None of us are included fully in the world until all of us are!
Stacy is a parent, actor, feminist and member of the Women's Equality Party who is passionate about intersectional feminism

Published Published: 25.03.2021 Recorded Recorded: 17.03.2021 Episode Length Duration: 1:01:58 Downloads Downloads: 1175

IBS032: Standing in the middle and feeling excluded
Tom is the youngest of 4 boys and always struggled to find a role for himself within the family dynamic.

Published Published: 18.03.2021 Recorded Recorded: 04.03.2021 Episode Length Duration: 00:00 Downloads Downloads: 574

IBS031: Will Diversity and Inclusion "Just Happen"?
We are drawn to people that are like us, it is human conditioning and causes an ‘other group’. As William says, it is about difference not about being better or worse.

Published Published: 11.03.2021 Recorded Recorded: 01.03.2021 Episode Length Duration: 0:58:44 Downloads Downloads: 625

IBS030: Personal is Political and How Silence Speaks
Laura read "Women’s Room" when aged 7. Re-reading the story aged 17, she realised her own experiences, especially around inclusion, is what politics is about.

Published Published: 04.03.2021 Recorded Recorded: 10.02.2021 Episode Length Duration: 1:00:59 Downloads Downloads: 594

IBS029: Giving Yourself a Gold Star
Pam helps organisations by providing them with stress management techniques and works with their teams to help them build their own coping toolkits.

Published Published: 25.02.2021 Recorded Recorded: 07.01.2021 Episode Length Duration: 1:06:20 Downloads Downloads: 629

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SEE Change Happen: Transgender Awareness & Inclusion