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IBS018: Autism from an Autistic parent's perspective

Join Laurie as they give a no-hold bared view of how their are so many misconceptions of Autistic People, the language, terminology and tropes that propagate many myths. Laurie is themselves an autistic person and is also the parent of autistic children. They share some insights of the challenges they face parenting and in the world of other parents and society. Laurie is a trainer and speaker on the topic of autistic and neurodiversity inclusion to make the workplace accessible.

Published Published: 15.10.2020 Recorded Recorded: 18.08.2020 Episode Length Duration: 1:06:53 Downloads Downloads: 53

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IBS017: Being inclusive means leaving no one behind
Jacqui works with in the space that is creating accessible systems of the future. Working with governments and the UN she is at the forefront in ensuring the future is inclusive for all.

Published Published: 08.10.2020 Recorded Recorded: 14.08.2020 Episode Length Duration: 1:12:58 Downloads Downloads: 41

IBS016: Why isn’t our public transport network accessible for all?
Andy is a Paralympian who specialises in creating accessible spaces. He joins us to talk about his work with the public transport network and the need for true accessibility for all

Published Published: 01.10.2020 Recorded Recorded: 10.08.2020 Episode Length Duration: 1:02:26 Downloads Downloads: 231

IBS015: Stress! We don’t need to suffer and be victims to our emotions
I chatted with Ruth where we talked about the challenges of carrying around stress in our lives and how we can find our own strategies to overcome this often stigmatised condition many of us face.

Published Published: 24.09.2020 Recorded Recorded: 05.08.2020 Episode Length Duration: 1:00:18 Downloads Downloads: 392

IBS014: Why is it so hard for women to get into the boardroom
Gillian explores some of the challenges women are facing in the workplace on route to the boardroom, and the compromises that still seem to be prevalent to balance family life and career success.

Published Published: 17.09.2020 Recorded Recorded: 04.08.2020 Episode Length Duration: 1:00:52 Downloads Downloads: 161

IBS013: How to Simplify Inclusion by Focusing on Behaviours
It was an interesting conversation with Jackie where we talked about how we can focus on the language used in our organisations over and above focusing on Unconscious Bias training as our only tool.

Published Published: 10.09.2020 Recorded Recorded: 31.07.2020 Episode Length Duration: 0:42:28 Downloads Downloads: 48

IBS012: Finding your courage and voice to speak out
I caught up with Madeline who is a survivor of a gang rape she experienced in her teens. She talks very candidly about how she found the courage to overcome shame and speak out.

Published Published: 03.09.2020 Recorded Recorded: 27.07.2020 Episode Length Duration: 0:48:20 Downloads Downloads: 25

IBS011: Why Love, Respect, Connection and Acceptance Matter
A conversation with Ling where we talk about her experience with Mental Health and Wellbeing and how we can create environments for people to speak out.

Published Published: 27.08.2020 Recorded Recorded: 27.07.2020 Episode Length Duration: 0:59:53 Downloads Downloads: 26

IBS010: Understanding the conflict between Culture vs Humanity
Joanne has a chat with Hend where we discuss her perspectives as someone who was brought up in Egypt, as a Muslim in an Islamic Country who now lives in the UK

Published Published: 23.07.2020 Recorded Recorded: 23.07.2020 Episode Length Duration: 0:48:06 Downloads Downloads: 41

IBS009: Why we need a more open dialogue on race
A chat with Gamal 'G' Turawa where we discuss his perspectives of the world as Britain's first openly gay black (former) police officer on the world of today.

Published Published: 14.06.2020 Recorded Recorded: 11.06.2020 Episode Length Duration: 1:09:48 Downloads Downloads: 101

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IBS008: How the term queer became cool again 14th June 2020 12:53 am

IBS007: Insights from the science of happiness and positive emotions 14th June 2020 12:50 am

IBS006: It’s all about Acceptance and Authenticity to be able to Achieve 14th June 2020 12:47 am

IBS005: Swimming upstream against the flow! 14th June 2020 12:46 am

IBS004: How good humour can be used to nurture inclusive cultures 14th June 2020 12:45 am

IBS003: Diversity fatigue through the lens of a middle aged white guy 14th June 2020 12:42 am

IBS002: Embracing diversity & inclusion as a small business owner 13th June 2020 11:18 pm

IBS001: It's the Brain Stupid 9th February 2020 12:00 pm

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