Portfolio Categories: Transgender

Transgender 101 – An overview and terminology

An overview and common terminology in relation to transgender individuals. Delivers a high level understanding and awareness of phraseology and answers to many common questions.

Transgender Inclusion and Awareness – A Deeper Dive into Supporting Trans Individuals

Building on our 101 session, this informative and engaging workshop has been developed to enable participants to gain a practical understanding of the life challenges facing all trans and gender non conforming people.

Building a Transgender Inclusive Workplace – Valuing your Employees

Learn how to build an environment supportive of transgender employees, customers and suppliers to demonstrate the value you place on diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Supporting Transition at Work – A guide for Employers and Co-Workers

Learn how to prepare and help your employees successfully transition at work. Engage with their managers and co-workers to ensure a seamless experience and a positive outcome for all.

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