Sex, Gender and Attraction

ByJoanne Lockwood

Sex, Gender and Attraction

Part of Our Bite Size Learning series, this episode focuses on Sex, Gender and Attraction. From the biology through Gender as a Social Construct to our Sexual Orientation

Sex, Gender and Attraction

Hello name is Joanne Lockwood, I’m the Founder and CEO of SEE Change Happen, we specialize in providing advice and consultancy to businesses and organizations around trans and gender non-conforming individuals. Today this forms part of our bite-sized learning module where we talk about Sex, Gender and Attraction.

So let’s talk about sex first, why not, let’s talk about sex and biology, these are the bits we are born with our chromosomes, our DNA, our hormones, that physical characteristics of our bodies. The bits that the doctor picks us up by the ankles and says you’re a girl, you’re a boy. Some people are born with indeterminate organs and they are known as Intersex individuals.

Let’s move on and now, let’s talk about Gender Identity and Gender Expression. You may have heard the term “social construct”. For gender is something that you evolve, this becomes part of your personality based on life experiences, and who you are in your sense of self. What it means to be a woman in the UK in 2018 is a different sense of self to someone who maybe lives in Africa, India, South America or North America in this year, or through looking back to the previous century.

Who we are and how we feel about ourselves is very much based on our social setting and expectations around our role. How we express ourselves has also evolved, the clothing we wear, how we want to portray ourselves. The world also has varied over time. Pink was a traditional male color and blue was traditional female colour and now, since the 20th century those colours are swapped around. How we are expected to dress, how we are expected to present ourselves to the world, again evolves over time, so we have our own sense gender, expression and identity.

Let’s look at physical attraction we are all aware of different sexual orientations, who we are attracted to physically and who we are attracted to emotionally. As we could see, all of these characteristics are different, but they are interlinked. Whether one is assigned a female at birth or male at birth, traditionally a female would have had a gender identity and gender expression as a female be attracted to men, or a man would have had a biology, gender identity, expression, of a male and be attracted to females.

When we talk about trans and gender non-conforming, or people who are queer or have different sexual orientations, this relationship isn’t as traditional and mapped out. As we are all aware, life changes and people are now able to express themselves and align their identity with how they are inside, and they’re free to fall in love with whoever they wish, and be attracted to anybody. Isn’t that great place to be? So thank you very much for listening today please do subscribe.

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Well thank you very much for now, catch up with you next time!


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