• “Ask Me Anything” with Joanne Lockwood

    One of the biggest barriers to inclusion is the fear of saying or doing the wrong thing, no more so than with Trans and Non-Binary people. In this open and authentic fireside chat, Joanne will take prepared and questions from the audience in a "no holds barred" conversation.

  • Bespoke or Tailored Panel Event

    We will work with you to develop and scope out your panel discussion across a broad range of topics with an Inclusion and Belonging or Pride theme. We can help arrange other panellists and be the chair/host for the event. Working with you, we will produce a list of questions and pull together a schedule and agenda.

  • Your Journey to Conscious inclusion

    Supermarkets have been telling us for years that we, as consumers, are demanding our fruit and vegetables to be perfect, to all be the same size, shape, and colour. Consequently, millions upon millions of tonnes of perfectly good apples, carrots, potatoes, and courgettes are being discarded each year. Yet when we dive deeper, we find that these discarded items still have the same crunch and are still as nutritional, the potatoes make perfectly good French Fries - our fruit and veg does not have to conform to this very narrow visual standard as we've been led to believe.

  • Is your Engagement Strategy as Accessible and Inclusive as you think it is? What can you do about it?

    In line with many organisations, you are looking to reach out to future employees and be as inclusive as you can be, am I right? Of course. If COVID-19 in 2020 taught us anything it’s that we need to be person-centric, and understand the need of the individual, but even with our best of intentions, we can often find that ideal candidates do not engage in your recruitment process or drop out early on.

  • Understanding Intercultural Communication from a Leadership Perspective

    We recognise that in our business it is our leaders that have the most impact on the culture of the organisation.

  • The Power of Words – “I am”

    Language has the power to divide and destroy, yet we are all human. If we truly listen to each other, understand, and actually communicate, then language has the power to unite, to bring love, friendships, and change the world for the better.


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