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Join us for this enlightening presentation where Joanne will be discussing some of the challenges being faced by Trans and Gender non-conforming people. These challenges affect every aspect of daily life – in the workplace and in our wider society,

This session is particularly relevant and timely as the results of recent surveys from all over Europe that indicated that 1 in 5 LGBTQ people do not feel able to be open about their gender identity and sexuality at work: furthermore 77% of those who’d experienced a serious workplace incident said they’d prefer not to report it, fearing that nothing would happen.

It is recognised that awareness and provision for Transgender people is still way behind others and employees need to take responsibility and take the lead and this session will introduce the following key discussion points:

• How much responsibility do organisations have to improve cultural attitudes towards LGBTQ individuals?

• Do existing recruitment methods contribute to discrimination against Transgender individuals?

• What can and should employers be doing to support individuals more effectively?

• What role should employers play in supporting employees who have been victims of hate crime?

Following the presentation Joanne will be around for an open Q&A where you can challenge her with your thoughts or maybe event ask her for some ideas on how you can tackle your own challenges.

About our Presenter

Joanne, who is the Founder and CEO of SEE Change Happen, describes herself as an Inclusion and Belonging specialist that works with organisations throughout the UK, Europe and Elsewhere to bring culture change that allows

people to thrive from pre-hire to retire.

She is a Fellow of the Professional Speaking Association, Member of the Institute of Equality and Diversity Professionals, consultant, and facilitator who focuses on “people people” be that in Talent Acquisition, Human Resources, or Learning & Develop to bring sustainable change by establishing a “why of D&I” for both the Organisation and the leadership teams to ensure it is promoted throughout to all colleagues.

Joanne is a prolific podcaster who hosts “Inclusion Bites” and is a regular columnist in a UK based National Newspaper where she shares her views on Inclusion and Belonging and creating environments where people can thrive.

Recently, Joanne was named as one of the “Top 15 must-follow diversity & inclusion thought leaders to watch out for in 2021” by Peoplehum.com and one of the “125 People to Follow on Linkedin About Diversity and Inclusion“ by DiverseIn.com.

Her mantra is “Smile | Engage | Educate”


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