Ep. 5: Swimming upstream against the flow!


Ep. 5: Swimming upstream against the flow!

Recorded on Recorded Fri 24.Apr.2020 -  Published on Published Sun 14.Jun.2020
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Title: Ep.5 Swimming upstream against the flow!
Subtitle: From Holiday Rep to Recruiter Lewis talks about some of the challenges he found coming out as gay in the workplace and how he found his place to thrive.
Summary: Lewis started his career as a holiday rep, but soon he was back in the UK for a "proper job" and found himself working for a company that bullied and discriminated against him, because he was gay. Lewis moved on to a new organisation where he has been embraced by the company and now helps to organise his local Pride and has even started up an LGBTQ+ football team. Listen to Lewis as he describes these experiences as a person who isn't just going to go with the flow. Please join in the conversation and leave your comments below.

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