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Thank you Joanne … it was an absolute pleasure to meet you. Your knowledge, humour and humility shone through [transgender awareness session and policy review] and I have learnt so much from you. Thank you.

Des Johnson | Organisational Development Service Manager @ WDH

Last night at the Outsource D&I event in partnership with the NCSC I heard Jo speak for the 2nd time. As with her 1st talk it was fantastically delivered and truly engaging. The talk not only had great content with thought provoking material, but Jo puts forward these points with humour and great cadence. Most of all Jo’s passion truly translates to energy and authenticity, which sat it the audience is very evident to see. I look forward to see you on the next Outsource Event

John Crichton | Head of Specialist Markets – North @ Outsource UK

Jo was a refreshing voice of truth and reality challenging folks to think deeply about gender inequality at Smart Recruiters Hiring Success 19 (#hire19). Her frank and thoughtful commentary during a gender inequality panel was the highlight of the event for me. A big thank you from the bottom of my heart to Jo for speaking and for giving me hope that there are people thinking critically about D&I in tech and other industries.

Annique Rice | Sr. Lead, HR Operations @ LinkedIn

Joanne has been very accommodating to our needs at college, and provided training that our staff enjoyed, found very useful and could be used to support their practice. All staff commented that they felt more confident after Joanne's training, we would definitely recommend Joanne.

Holly Saunders | Apprenticeship Manager, Teacher, Researcher, Lead IQA and Assessor @ Portsmouth College

Brilliant talk delivered by Joanne Lockwood to our Senior Leadership Team. Very insightful and I would recommend her to anyone looking for speakers on Trans Awareness.

Gill Jones | Head of HR & People Development @ England Athletics

I have been fortunate to hear Joanne speak on a number of occasions and she has always left a strong impression on me. She is an expert storyteller and her authentic style really puts you in the moment. Her talks are always thought provoking and inspirational, and she endeavors to leave the audience with practical takeaways that they can act on immediately. I would have no hesitation in recommending Joanne for any diversity and inclusion conference.

Winston Ben Clements | Keynote Speaker

Joanne is a standout human being and a standout speaker. People drop their guard when they're around her because she's so comfortable in her own skin. And when you compliment that with how much she prepares for a speech, all she had to do when she walked into the conference (Hiring Success, hosted by SmartRecruiters in Berlin) was to just be herself and the audience gravitated towards her. These are not just my own words, many echo what I say.

Roy Baladi | Head of Marketplace @ SmartRecruiters

I have to say that in the 16 years in the Trust, Jo's talk was the best I have ever been to! I would have willingly have had a caffeine boost [having just come off of a night shift] & gone back for more - brilliantly engaging speaker! Let's hope & really push the Trust for more, so so needed

Carole Nicholas | A&E Ward Sister @ Epsom & St Helier University Hospitals NHS Trust

Joanne attended our LGBTQ+ event in London recently and gave a fantastic presentation on Transgender Awareness. The feedback was excellent, the team were really engaged and the bingo was really fun and educational. A great event, thank you Joanne.

Bonnie Andrews | Head of Product @ Stepstone UK

Joanne has been regular speaker at the OUK Diversity Matters event series and each time has both impressed and inspired guests through her candour, knowledge and engaging personality. Her collaborative and calm approach makes her a pleasure to work with and I look forward to attending future events together. She comes highly recommended and for any person or company wanting advice or a speaker on Trans inclusion, you need look no further! Thanks Jo!

Mark Harris | Director of Technology & Change @ Outsource UK Ltd

Working with Joanne on the delivery of the UK Athletics 'Raise the bar' event for Transgender Awareness Week was the first time we'd worked together but you wouldn't have thought so. Joanne made my job so easy and hugely supportive of what we wanted to achieve. Joanne was brilliant at the event and gave open and honest answers to those in the audience. I recommend any organisation to work with Joanne and SEE Change Happen so they too can start the conversation about trans inclusion. Thank YOU Joanne!

Donna Fraser OLY | Equality, Diversity & Engagement Lead + Interim Domestic Athletics Operations Manager @ UK Athletics

I was fortunate enough to hear Joanne speak at an Inclusive Recruitment event that we held in our offices recently. Joanne spoke with a calm authority and delivered a presentation that mixed inspiration, emotion and humour. She set the tone in the opening minutes with a story that was disarming yet pin-point accurate to the subject matter. We were also lucky that Joanne had time to hang around to do a Q&A which meant we got some practical questions around inclusive recruitment answered by an expert. I would highly recommend Joanne as a speaker on this topic.

Nicholas Kirk | UK&I Managing Director @ PageGroup

Joanne is an engaging and compelling public speaker, whose style of delivery combines passion with pragmatism: she speaks from her experiences and this authenticity kept our attendees engaged throughout but also motivated to think differently. On behalf of the IEDP (Institute of Equality & Diversity Professionals)

Denise Rabor | Chair @ Institute of Equality & Diversity Professionals (IEDP)

We were absolutely delighted to have Joanne present at RECex 2018; she has been a pleasure to work with. As other event organisers will know having a speaker who responds to every request in a timely and thorough manner is an unexpected joy! Jo gave an excellent presentation in our challenging TED Talk style format. The preparation she had undertook ahead of the event clearly showed in the quality of her slides and talk and the audience absolutely loved her.

Louise Triance | Managing Director @ UK Recruiter

Joanne, I wanted to thank you for your insight into your personal journey and the challenges you face. It was the most powerful talk of the day [at #RECex] (and most courageous). Top respect and admiration for you. Patrik

Patrik Heggberg | Business Development Manager @ Oleeo

The most extraordinary (on so many levels) talk and insight of the day [at #RECex]. Thank you Joanne for spellbinding and touching me and others with your story and message. No I am not transgender, no I am not active in the area that you focus on I am simply just another HUMAN BEING that get it, that think we can for the sake of human evolution do so much better, if we start to act rather than talk and that we show what it all about, being human, being open minded, embrace, care and understand.

Jacob Sten Madsen | Talent Acquisition & Recruitment Professional @ Holistic Recruitment Services

Joanne is a a highly accomplished and trusted D&I advisor, with proven success in delivering diversity, inclusion and awareness talks to a wide ranging audience. I had the pleasure of meeting Joanne 2.5 years ago and since then have built a wonderful business relationship with her, witnessing her speak at many events, creating engaging and inspiring talks and discussions. Being able to witness the work Joanne has done in pushing diversity and inclusion within organisations has been wonderful, where she has helped drive organisations towards being at the forefront of workplace equality.

Sarah Duggan | Business Psychologist @ Nexus Konexus

Joanne is down-to-earth and much more friendly than I thought an international speaker would be (there go my assumptions!!). She has helped me reflect on how I view difference and diversity. Her approach is thoughtful and thought-provoking; it's based on common-sense and she doesn't 'tell' people how they should behave or what they should think. As an HR specialist I'm well versed in the Equality Act and the common approaches that businesses take in (so-called) 'managing diversity', however, Joanne has turned this on it's head and I'm beginning to see that most businesses haven't got the point thus far. Joanne presents ideas and experiences that make sense and actually simplify what we can all do, as individuals and as businesses, to help ensure we include everyone. A great presenter and someone from whom we can all learn a great deal. I wholeheartedly recommend Joanne to businesses who would like a fresh approach to diversity in all its forms and, particularly, transgender.

Dianne Lambdin | Employment Law Specialist @ The Sussex HR Hub

Jo enthralled the audience at Chichester Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Chichester College Big Breakfast this morning with her presentation on embracing diversity and valuing people for being themselves. It was thought provoking and informative, engaging and interesting and there were some lightbulb moments among many of us.

Sue Garman | CEO @ Chichester Chamber of Commerce and Industry

To write Joanne a recommendation has put me in somewhat of a dichotomy. On the one hand, the world needs to know about how utterly engaging, factual, personable and insightful Jo is around her space. She absolutely took the roof off on Stage 2 at #RecFest18 this year, and was one of the stand-out talks given amongst the 40+ Speakers we had during the day!. ...But on the other hand, we want to keep Jo for ourselves! To have access to someone of Jo's calibre and knowledge is a truly valuable asset, but I guess it's only fair to (begrudgingly) share her with the rest of the industry! So, if you're looking to educate, inform and entice your people into knowing more about Trans issues and how embracing and supporting the community can & should be a vital and integral part of your Company's strategy, then I strongly urge you to make contact with Joanne Lockwood now. I mean it, right now!!! Matt Jones

Matt Jones | RecFest @ The Recruitment Events Co.

Joanne kindly agreed to be a part of the Q&A panel for Outsource's recent Diversity Matters: Inspiring Inclusion in the Workplace event. I have followed a lot of Jo's speaking projects on social media and was thrilled that she took the time to travel to Swindon to support us in our quest to 'inspire' total inclusion, and share her ideas and experiences to support our Clients with their D&I initiatives. After spending just a few hours with Jo, I felt empowered, and her messages around the benefits a transgender colleague can bring to the workplace, such as increased emotional intelligence, really gave me a lot to think about. Jo is totally open, very articulate, and incredibly passionate about her work, and I look forward to partnering with her in the future, with the goal of promoting 100% inclusive hiring within the IT and engineering sectors. If you need a keynote speaker for your next event, look no further than Jo!

Claire Farrow | Programme Manager and Diversity & Inclusion Lead @ Outsource UK

Recently I had the privilege of working with Joanne on a Diversity and Inclusion event. Joanne was inspiring and insightful with a healthy dose of humour. Jo can captivate an audience, taking them with her on a journey. A very engaging lady.

Ian Andrews | Head of Engineering @ Nationwide Building Society

David Burton-Sampson – Mortgage Distribution Operations Manager | Metro Bank (UK)
Jo recently took part in our Diversity within Diversity event organised through MPride, Metro Banks LGBT + network. She gave a really engaging presentation talking about the growing LGBT+ family, what all those letters mean and the difference between sexuality and gender identity. She also sat on our panel and gave open, honest and frank responses to the questions raised. I would highly recommend Jo for future events or training sessions. Thanks Jo for taking part!

David Burton-Sampson | Mortgage Distribution Operations Manager @ Metro Bank (UK)

Paul Smith – Marketing and Strategy Director | BP
I recently saw Joanne speak about Diversity and Inclusion at a conference. I was very impressed and was lucky enough to spend an hour or so afterwards discussing Joanne's personal journey. The conversation made a deep impression on me. The insights I gained will help my own personal journey towards a more inclusive culture and I would very much recommend finding time to listen to and meet Joanne in person.

Paul Smith | Marketing and Strategy Director @ BP

Mike Elliston – Playwright & Full Member of The Writers’ Guild of Great Britain
Joanne was attached to our trans themed arts project as a keynote speaker, delivering a talk followed by Q&A sessions which also tied into the themes of the play. Joanne was the ultimate professional and captivated the audiences through her natural ability to engage and communicate in a manner that generated discussion, raised questions and dispelled many myths. I would highly recommend Joanne for any event, she is a natural storyteller with a warm heart, generous soul and powerful message that hits home without being preachy. We will definitely be asking Joanne to return to our events in the future.

Mike Elliston | Playwright & Full Member of The Writers’ Guild of Great Britain

Dan Burton
I was asked to arrange a keynote speaker for our first event at the NatWest Entrepreneur Accelerator for International Women's Day (#iwd2018), Joanne was front of mind. Joanne was engaging, sharing her personal and entrepreneurial journey in a refreshingly honest and humourous way. All those in attendance we inspired by Joanne's story. As always, an absolute pleasure working with you.

Dan Burton – Entrepreneur Acceleration Manager | NatWest

Dr Neil Bentley – CEO | WorldSkills UK
I just wanted to say a very big thank you for joining the team and sharing your insights on transgender inclusion with us. I know the team found your session informative, challenging and inspiring - so well done! As an organisation there is more we can and will do to ensure we are ever more inclusive and your session will help us drive forward.

Dr Neil Bentley-Gockmann OBE | CEO @ WorldSkills UK

Rebecca Dalzell, Director at Myinternalrecruiter.com
Hi Joanne, I was at the talk in Leeds today and although I didn't get to meet you, I wanted to connect just to say I really enjoyed your talk . It was funny engaging and very honest. Starting out in any business is tough and I know I need to believe in myself more. Thank you again Rebecca

Rebecca Dalzell | Director @ Myinternalrecruiter.com

Nathan Johnson – Business Growth Enabler, NatWest Business
Joanne was a fantastic guest speaker at our NatWest Women In Business event! A really inspirational personal story which lit up the whole room. From a real struggle to a great success you should be very proud of yourself.  I would jump at the opportunity to work with Joanne on future events and would encourage others to collaborate!  I do hope our paths across again on a future event plus you continue to share your fantastic story and raise awareness for a real issues in our industry!  Wishing you all the best for the future! 

Nathan Johnson | Business Growth Enabler @ NatWest Business

Erika Paradise – Service Manager, P3 Charity
Joanne presents the issues faced by the Transgender community with great clarity and knowledge. As an organisation P3 promotes inclusion, supports individuals and embraces individuality and as such we are always seeking ways to extend our knowledge and inform best practice. Joanne’s training not only prompted positive discussion but has also given us some key tools when working with individuals who disclose they are part of the Transgender community and may need further support to explore what this means for him or her in a none judgmental way. I would recommend Joanne’s training to any organisation considering educating staff on the issues and legislation and how to best incorporate best practice for both Service Users and staff.

Erika Paradise | Service Manager @ P3 Charity

Teresa Walker – Woodpecker Training | Acute & Critical Care Nurse
Hi Jo. Thank you a most enjoyable and inspiring study day on Thursday. I learnt so much and will be able to include so much of your session in my work. The workshop session was most useful. I wish that sessions like yours were more widely available especially within the NHS.

Teresa Walker | Woodpecker Training @ Acute & Critical Care Nurse

Catherine Grinyer, Director, Big Voice Communications
In my experience Joanne is an engaging and thought-provoking speaker on a wide range of diversity and inclusion topics, including recruitment and employment. At a panel discussion hosted by HS2 Ltd and convened by leading online diversity recruiter VERCIDA, Joanne brought specialist insight to a broader debate around the gig economy, the experiences that women and transgender women have, and the barriers they encounter. Her contributions were highly relevant and helped to steer the thinking in the room. Delivered with confidence and humour, Joanne’s contribution was punctuated with excellent case studies and practical examples of how to progress.

Catherine Grinyer | Director @ Big Voice Communications

Wayne Page – Engagement Advisor @ VERCIDA.com
Joanne was a guest speaker at one of our events and provided excellent insights. Her input into the conversation was really informative and there was feedback given that Joanne's comments had been the most thought-provoking from the day. Joanne is professional, friendly and I would definitely recommend inviting her to speak at your diversity events.

Wayne Page | Engagement Advisor @ VERCIDA.com

Sharniya Ferdinand – NatWest Business Growth Enabler, North London
Joanne recently spoke at my event ‘LGBT Inclusion in Business’. Her delivery and talk was both informative and engaging. Her passion for the subject shines through and her ability to be personable and honest while navigating what could be perceived as a difficult subject to address is what makes you pay attention and listen. I know that attendees on the day were inspired by Joanne’s talk and I am so pleased she was our Keynote speaker for the event. The work she does to further the Diversity and Inclusion agenda is incredibly inspirational.

Sharniya Ferdinand | Business Growth Enabler @ NatWest, North London

Vicky Evans – Babcock Probate & Tax Service
It was really enlightening and educational to listen to Jo's presentation yesterday but on a human level. I feel she presented in a way which immediately linked the audience into her experience of life thus far. We can all take so much from this talk especially if we have not had this experience thus far. For me a resounding 10 out of 10.

Vicky Evans | Babcock Probate & Tax Service

Jasmine Lambert
You took a sensitive subject and made it fun and thought-provoking! I took so much away from it and have a much better understanding of how to generally be a more compassionate human being

Jasmine Lambert | Redwood Financial & JCI UK

Natasha Babar-Evans – Entrepreneur Acceleration Manager at NatWest and LEP Enterprise Adviser
Joanne came to our Leeds NatWest Entrepreneur Accelerator as one of inspirational speakers to celebrate International Women in Business Day. Joanne was instantly able to connect with her audience as an entrepreneur with years of credible experience but also as a human who has faced and overcome challenges. It was a superb session and I would highly recommend Joanne as a speaker.

Natasha Babar-Evans | Entrepreneur Acceleration Manager @ NatWest and LEP Enterprise Adviser

Liz Ranger – Network Marketer | Partner at Portsmouth Business Exchange
I found Jo's talk clear and relevant to the topic and felt that it was information transferable to many areas of like other than just her story e.g. Race, Disability etc. I think that Jo's presentation was well put together and kept everyone's attention along with her information and the two complimented each other.

Liz Ranger | Network Marketer @ Portsmouth Business Exchange

Emma Wilson – EMARI – Integrated B2B Sales & Marketing
I've seen Joanne talk at several events recently - an annual conference, a networking event and a diversity and inclusion event - each time I've learned something new and seen first-hand how Jo has helped people to start to re-condition their thought processes. Through her presentations she addresses an array of subjects affecting the LGBT community and helps people to look at their actions as going beyond awareness, tolerance and acceptance to coexistence, and opportunities to create collaboration and connection where "people are just treated as people and labels are meant for baked beans." As a speaker, Joanne is extremely open and honest about her experiences and speaks in a jargon-free, people-friendly way.

Emma Wilson | Marketeer, Founder & CEO @ EMARI

SEE Change Happen: Transgender Awareness & Inclusion