Ep. 8: How the term queer became cool again


Ep. 8: How the term queer became cool again

Recorded on Recorded Tue 02.Jun.2020 -  Published on Published Sun 14.Jun.2020
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Title: Ep.8 How the term queer became cool again
Subtitle: Joe talks about how he feels that Queer is an inclusive term now it has been reclaimed by the community together with his thoughts on where the world is going with LGBTQ+ acceptance.
Summary: In this episode Joe talks about his career and times spent in the pursuit of LGBTQ+ visibility as a journalist, editor of gay times and most recently as the co-founder of Queer Britain, which is the first fixed location museum of Queer History based in London. Joe also talks about the onslaught that trans people are facing at the moment and the struggle that some queer people are having during lock down. We are even joined at one point by Joe's mum who interrupts us with a "hello son" phone call - the joys of bringing out whole family to work with out remote working environment. Please join in the conversation and leave your comments below.

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