Empowering effective allies in your organisation with foster psychological safety and build a culture where people feel able to be themselves and bring their whole selves to work.

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    Dive into a transformative journey towards genuine inclusion and belonging in this fireside chat. From understanding the depth of conscious inclusion to navigating the complexities of allyship, take away actionable strategies and insights to make a difference in your organisation and be the change.

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    Having courageous and challenging conversations in the workplace can be uncomfortable and difficult, but they are necessary for growth and progress. In order to have these conversations, it's important to have a foundation of allyship, foster a culture of psychological safety, and be comfortable with discomfort.

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    When we talk about Unconscious bias then this refers to a quick opinion about a situation or individual without being aware of such. Our brains form biases by using knowledge about social situations, attitudes, cultures, stereotypes and more. We can pick up and learn these things from the media and through experiences throughout life.

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    Workplace bullying, just like any other bullying, can negatively impact one’s health and productivity. In this workshop, we’ll be exploring what is workplace bullying, how to spot workplace bullying, the potential effects of workplace bullying, and how you can deal with a workplace bully.

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    If we are not Consciously Including people, then it is highly likely we are therefore Unconsciously Excluding them. Conscious inclusion is the act of being aware of and making an effort to include people who are often left out or marginalized. Learn how you can start your journey to becoming more consciously inclusive.

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    Psychological safety is the belief that one will not be punished or humiliated for taking risks or making mistakes. This feeling of safety allows team members to openly share ideas, give constructive feedback, and take risks without fear of reprisal. How can you nurture a culture of inclusion and belonging?


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