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These 301 advanced and consulting level sessions are designed as part of a consultancy assignment or project in order to help organisations develop policy and to gain a more personal experience of how to handle conversations through role-play, talking through example videos and facilitation to draw out the specific and relevant needs.

They will often revolve around templates that are provided as the basis for discussion, and working through Employee Engagement Feedback to understand the current situation and areas to be prioritised.

These are aimed at people who are implementing and supporting policy or culture change and their people.

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  • WORKSHOPS-301-Supporting-Transitioning

    This advanced level workshop program on transgender and nonbinary inclusion in the workplace offers a multi-phase approach, including listening circles, content review, personalised cohort sessions, and post-delivery evaluation, to create a more inclusive and supportive environment. ​ Participants will gain knowledge, skills, and motivation to challenge biases, advocate for inclusive policies, and foster positive outcomes for transgender and nonbinary individuals.

  • WORKSHOPS-301-Supporting-Transitioning

    This advanced level workshop aims to prepare organisations to support Employees Transitioning in the workplace.


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