301 – Bringing Trans and Nonbinary Inclusion Policies to Life

Categories: Advanced Level

Tags: Transgender, Inclusion, Workshop, Bias, Workplace, Policy, LGBTQ+, SOGI, Transitioning, Nonbinary, Policies, advocacy, listening circles, content review, positive outcomes


  • Duration: Multi-Day Program
  • Format: Consulting plus Facilitated Interactive Workshops
  • Equipment: Projector & Screen or Online
  • Audience: Workplace, Club, Organisation
  • Cost: from £POA + VAT

This advanced workshop is designed to assist professionals in fostering a workplace that is inclusive of transgender and nonbinary individuals. It encompasses listening circles, a review process, stakeholder content review, cohort-wide delivery, and a review after delivery. The workshop’s objectives are to enhance awareness, broaden knowledge, cultivate critical thinking, nurture empathy and compassion, inspire and empower attendees, encourage advocacy and support, apply inclusive language and practices, promote ongoing education and development, and monitor and evaluate progress.

Topics addressed include understanding transgender and nonbinary inclusion, moving beyond mere policies, practical inclusion strategies, support for leaders and managers, development of inclusive policies, case studies, role-playing exercises, and moderated discussions.

Additionally, the program incorporates pre- and post-workshop surveys, feedback forms, quantitative metrics, case studies, success stories, employee engagement surveys, policy change tracking, long-term assessments, and benchmarking, all aimed at creating a more inclusive and supportive work environment for transgender and nonbinary staff.

Implementation Methodology

This program consists of several phases to ensure a comprehensive and effective approach to bringing transgender and nonbinary policies to life.

These phases include:

  1. Listening Circles: The program begins with listening circles, where small groups of stakeholders, including trans and nonbinary colleagues, HR policy makers, leaders and supervisors, HR business partners, Customer Support, and DEI teams, come together to engage in open and honest discussions. These circles provide a safe space for sharing experiences, concerns, and perspectives related to transgender and nonbinary inclusion in the workplace.
  2. Review Process: Following the listening circles, a review process takes place to determine the business priorities and key challenges related to transgender and nonbinary inclusion. This involves analysing the insights and feedback gathered from the listening circles and identifying areas that require attention and improvement.
  3. Content Review with Key Stakeholders: The program’s content is then reviewed with key stakeholders, including representatives from the listening circles, HR policy makers, and DEI teams. This collaborative review ensures that the content is accurate, relevant, and aligned with the specific needs and goals of the organisation.
  4. Delivery across Cohorts: The program is delivered across cohorts of the business, typically broken into groups of around 12 participants per 4-6 hour session. This allows for a more personalised and interactive learning experience, fostering engagement and participation. The delivery includes workshops, discussions, and activities designed to educate and empower participants to become effective allies and create inclusive environments.
  5. Post-Delivery Review: After the program is delivered, a post-delivery review takes place. This involves reviewing documents, summaries, and feedback gathered from participants to assess the program’s effectiveness and identify areas for improvement. Next steps are then determined based on the review findings, ensuring continuous learning and progress in transgender and nonbinary inclusion efforts.

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