Autism from an Autistic parent’s perspective


Autism from an Autistic parent’s perspective

This is a story based on Laurie’s experience as an Autistic Parent of an Autistic child and how tackles the stereotypes and misconceptions of what it is like to be Autistic

Join Laurie as they give a no-hold bared view of how their are so many misconceptions of Autistic People, the language, terminology and tropes that propagate many myths. Laurie is themselves an autistic person and is also the parent of autistic children. They share some insights of the challenges they face parenting and in the world of other parents and society. Laurie is a trainer and speaker on the topic of autistic and neurodiversity inclusion to make the workplace accessible.

Published Published: 15.10.2020 Recorded Recorded: 18.08.2020 Episode Length Duration: 1:06:53 Downloads Downloads: 33

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