DEI Support and Mentoring

Diversity mentoring is a developmental process of open dialogue that aims to achieve both individual and organisational change. It’s only through open communication that we can reach a place of shared understanding and suspended – or better stell, negated – judgement.

By opening up communications with everyone in your organisation, we also build a strengthening relationship of mutual learning. That way, differences are perceived as integral to learning, growth, and development.

Working closely with managers and individuals, we help ensure that your organisation becomes culturally aware and sensitive to the needs of others of all backgrounds, ethnicities and sexualities.

Support includes awareness training and briefings, assistance during the transition period of a Trans individual, or working with HR when harassment, homophobia, transphobia or bullying come to light.

When your organisation or individuals need help and support, we’re there for you. Let’s discuss how we can support you to support your diverse group of individuals. Because when they feel supported, respected, listened to and understood, they return that support with loyalty and by performing to the best of their abilities.

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