Stress! We don’t need to suffer and be victims to our emotions


Stress! We don’t need to suffer and be victims to our emotions

I chatted with Ruth where we talked about the challenges of carrying around stress in our lives and how we can find our own strategies to overcome this often stigmatised condition many of us face.

Do you know the difference between stress and pressure? Ruth talks about the difference and how illnesses can aggravated by everyday stress that is allowed to build and escalate unchecked. By using techniques we can learn to reduce our stress levels, organisations can also promote good health by removing some of the causes of stress in the workplace. Each person can have their own triggers, often something in their personal life, a lived experience or even some childhood memory that doesn't get left behind. Negative experiences can build and compound and we just aren't able to offload without tackling our stress as an illness. With Health and Wellness being promoted in many organisation it is important that learning to overcome stress is part of their Good Mental Health programmes and to remove the sigma of talking about their stress.

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