Why is so hard for women to get into the boardroom


Why is so hard for women to get into the boardroom

Gillian explores some of the challenges women are facing in the workplace on route to the boardroom, and the compromises that still seem to be prevalent to balance family life and career success.

Many women face challenges when trying to progress their career, often organisation don't put enough support in place to help women plan their careers. Gillian talks about some of the factors that can often hinder women, some of them structural and some that are down to their own life choices and desires. We talk on the topics of Debiased Recruitment practices and the whole topic of Meritocracy in hiring and progression that often discriminates against those with less typical characteristics. Gillian also talks about her lockdown project of writing and publishing a book that was her daily journal from the past 6 months, including some topic observations and ironies from this COVID-19 shared experience we've all endured.

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