Intermediary Level

These 201 facilitation-level intermediary sessions are either standalone or are often used as a kick-off to a D&I consultancy engagement and programme to set the scene and bring people to the same level of knowledge and understanding.

They are generally delivered either as half-day or full-day standalone deep-dive workshops that contain a presentation, interaction, video, games and facilitated round table discussions, together with actions, takeaways, summarisations and agreement on the next steps and priorities.

Typically sessions have between 15 and 20 people and are often most relevant for leaders and those with people or customer responsibility.

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  • WORKSHOPS-201-Journey-Conscious-Inclusion

    This intermediary workshop, typically run as a whole day in person or half-day online, aims to be able to create an understanding and confidence in championing how a fully inclusive workplace and culture will allow people to thrive and perform at their best.

  • WORKSHOPS-201-Enable-Courageous-Conversations

    This intermediary workshop, typically run as a whole day in person or half-day online, aims to be able to create an understanding and confidence in having courageous and challenging conversations in the workplace which can be uncomfortable and difficult, but they are necessary for growth and progress.

  • WORKSHOPS-201-Diverse-Inclusive-Recruitment-

    During this programme, you’ll learn how to get to grips with diversity and inclusion. Through advice and this training, you, as recruiters and members of the hiring team will gain the insight, tools, and confidence to attract marginalised and underrepresented talent, to be able to recruit more inclusively.

  • WORKSHOPS-201-Inclusive-Leaders-Journey

    This session is suited for both aspiring and established leaders who wish to develop their thinking around their own style and how to influence an inclusive culture in their team and workplace.  To become challenged and to shift thinking into a more consciously inclusive mindset.

  • WORKSHOPS-201-Powerful-Workplace-Allies

    This interactive workshop aims to create an understanding on how our biases, use of language and our own privilege can often exclude people and lead to microaggressions. Learn how you as an ally can mitigate your biases and be more supporting in society and the workplace.

  • WORKSHOPS-201-Equality-and-Diversity

    This intermediary workshop, typically run as a whole day, aims to raise awareness and promote Equality & Diversity in the workplace. Starting with a grounding in the UK Equality Act 2010 and culminating in how organisations can measure the impact of EDI interventions.


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