Embracing diversity & inclusion as a small business owner


Embracing diversity & inclusion as a small business owner

I talk to Katie about the challenges and dilemmas of gender transitioning as the owner of her successful small photography business

Katie talks about the lead up to her transition and her nervousness. This was not only a personal risk for her, but also for that of her photography business, a business that she had established and grown in her male persona for over 20 years. Anxious about how her customers would react she nervously "press send" on an announcement. She goes on to talk about the challenges she has had since and also how she has expanded as a Transgender Ambassador helping business become more trans inclusive. Please join in the conversation and leave your comments below.

Published Published: 13.06.2020 Recorded Recorded: 11.02.2020 Episode Length Duration: 0:59:47 Downloads Downloads: 38

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