Finding your courage and voice to speak out


Finding your courage and voice to speak out

I caught up with Madeline who is a survivor of a gang rape she experienced in her teens. She talks very candidly about how she found the courage to overcome shame and speak out.

Madeline shares how she overcame her own shame and stigma of being the victim of a gang rape at the age of 13. She is now an activist for speaking out for other victims of rape to challenge how these victims who are most often women are treated by both the system and society. Through her own strength, that took many years to find, she is a storyteller with the Forgiveness Project that works to shares stories of forgiveness in order to build hope, empathy and understanding. Madeline is also a patron of “SAY Women” and “Justice is Now”. At this time of lockdown with COVID-19 we have to recognise the increased level of domestic abuse and be able to actively support those victims to speak out and be heard.

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