Gender Identity Pride Flags, Glyphs, Symbols and Icons

ByJoanne Lockwood

Gender Identity Pride Flags, Glyphs, Symbols and Icons

The LGBTQ+ community has created various flags and symbols to allow its tribes and communities within communities to be able to express their individuality and identities.

Some of these identities are less commonly known, but to the individuals they are extremely important.

The flags are often displayed at pride events or used on social media by those who identify as a particular gender. (hover or click on individual flags for more information)

These symbols or glyphs have been designed by individuals in their community. There are many variants below are shown the most common or popular ones that are linked to Gender Identities. (hover or click on individual glyphs for more information)

Glossary of LGBTQIA+ Terminology
Asexual Identities

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