Peeling back our layers to uncover our Essence

ByJoanne Lockwood

Peeling back our layers to uncover our Essence

Michelle was in Sri Lanka on boxing day 2004 as the Tsunami hit. The impact of that highlighted to her that each of us have our own inner Essence that makes us who we are, She has now developed her own programmes for assessing people in organisations

Michelle always thought she understood human behaviour but began to question this after she was caught in the 2004 boxing day tsunami in Sri Lanka. It was during the aftermath she learnt she didn’t know as much as she thought, as she witnessed people, she knew acting in ways she didn’t expect or recognise, driven by something she wasn’t aware of, their core subconscious driving forces.

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She believes it is in spikes of adversity we see the true potential of humanity. After this experience she turned her back on her successful career and changed direction of her life to try and make sense from what she had learnt and turn it in to lessons for others. Giving others the benefit of the lessons, without the awful experience she had. This sparked wanting to learn more about behaviour, how we behave and react, but she wanted to understand the why, which is what led her to core values, which she calls core driving forces, our subconscious drivers, our essence.

Michelle was embarrassed by her initial reaction to the tsunami, which was to pick up her camera, rather than to wonder who she could help. She states that it took her a long time to find peace with this it only came from being able to truly understand who she is and therefore how and why she reacted the way she did.

Michelle believes that when you understand what your driving forces are as long as you align to that, then you achieve fulfilment. She now works with different organisations using an analysis tool she has designed, which shows people how they will react in different scenarios. Michelle states usually people don’t know how they will react, until it happens and although we may think we know how we, or a loved one will react, if ir doesn’t happen it can affect our perception and relationships. We can’t help our reactions; we can just try to understand it.

Her dream is to work with people coming out of the forces, as they adjust to civilian life to find out what motivates them, without the strict rules they have been accustomed to. She also wants to work with children aged 4+ to help them understand their own driving forces as she feels this would give them powerful tools that will help shape the direction of their futures.

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