Asexual Identities

ByJoanne Lockwood

Asexual Identities

Many Asexuals (Ace) identify with two orientations: a romantic and a sexual one.  An Asexual’s romantic orientation determines which gender(s), if any, they are inclined to form romantic relationships with.

There are also individuals in the asexual community who identify in the gray area between asexuality and sexuality.  Although it should be note that not all individuals fall into these categories or identify with the terminology.

As always it is important to remember that language and terminology evolves over time, some phrases which were in common usage 20 years ago may well be taken as offensive in modern expression.

Romantic Orientation


A person who is romantically attracted to a member of the opposite sex or gender.


A person who is romantically attracted to a member of the same sex or gender.


A person who is romantically attracted to two sexes or genders.


A person who is romantically attracted to others but is not limited by the other’s sex or gender. Similar to biromantics, panromantics will tend to feel that their partner’s does little to define their relationship.


A person who experiences little or no romantic attraction to others.  Where romantic people have an emotional need to be with another person in a romantic relationship, aromantics are often satisfied with friendships and other non-romantic relationships.

Sexual Orientation


A person who does not experience a sexual attraction.


A person who identifies in the grey area between asexuality and sexuality.  Other terms that have been used for this grey area include; “semisexual“, “asexual-ish“, and “sexual-ish


A person who does not experience sexual attraction unless the form a strong emotional connection with someone.  It’s more commonly seen in but is not limited to romantic relationships.  Demisexuality differs from Gray-A in that demisexuality is a specific sexual orientation in between “sexual” and “asexual”, whereas “Gray-A” is a highly unspecific catch-all used for anything between that does not fit.


A person who experiences sexual attraction

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