Lunch and Learn

We will join you in-person or online for a lunch and learn, which is as it sounds, an event often held over a 1-hour lunchtime break, to deliver a topic to a company-wide audience.  With a quiz, speaking and an opportunity for questions and answers.

  • Empowering effective allies in your organisation with foster psychological safety and build a culture where people feel able to be themselves and bring their whole selves to work.

  • Moving on from focusing on Unconscious Bias, Conscious Inclusion build strategies and thinking to challenge existing thinking and move into the stretch zone when thinking about Inclusion initiatives.

  • An inclusive culture is one where an organisation is committed to ensuring a positive people experience is foremost. Staff and Colleagues can speak up and be listened to, psychological safety is high.

  • For organisations to nuture and develop an Inclusive Culture, it is important for them to look at Inclusive Leadership as the key to unlock the potential of staff and colleagues.

  • These talks focus on the strategies organisations can take when thinking about building Inclusive Recruitment process that ensure Candidate Experience and Accessibility for all are considered

  • These sessions focus on LGBTQ+ and Trans Allyship and awareness.  Organisations often booked these for Pride Month, IDAHOBIT, LGBT History Month, National Coming Out Day or similar notable calendar events.


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