Routing out our inner imposter

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We all feel we are not good enough at some point in our lives, but if left to grow it can be a barrier to workers achieving their full potential and can adversely affect mental health.  As many as 70% of adults have felt imposter syndrome at some point in their life according to a review article in the International Journal of Behavioural Science, but whilst it is hard to pinpoint the exact figures people from underrepresented or marginalised communities, are more likely to experience imposter syndrome.

The more marginalised you are the more heightened your imposter syndrome may be because of your own internalised beliefs of never feeling good enough and not belonging means you often work twice as hard to ‘prove’ your value.  There are numerous stressors that add to this.  The fear of being ‘found out’ can quickly become all-consuming and feeling the need to hide by having a secret identity heightens imposter syndrome.

In this interactive and engaging session, Joanne Lockwood speaks about her own experiences and battles with imposter syndrome and her limiting beliefs and how she was able to over most, but not all of them.  Also, what you can do right now to address the feeling and impact of imposter syndrome yourself and to be able to support others?

Key Points:

  • What is Imposter Syndrome?
  • Why do we feel like imposters?
  • The impact of imposter syndrome
  • How to overcome imposter syndrome
  • Moving forward

Following the presentation, Joanne will be around for an open Q&A where you can challenge her with your thoughts or maybe even ask her for some ideas on how you can tackle your own challenges.


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