Are we up for Uniformity, Exclusion and Rejection?

ByJoanne Lockwood

Are we up for Uniformity, Exclusion and Rejection?

What is the business case or return on uniformity or exclusion, or the justification for the rejection of perfectly good people during our hiring process or when looking to develop our people internally and promote?

All alone - An Astronaut floating in space
All alone floating in space

What do you mean? You don’t write that kind of business case?

Yet I still hear of organisations that need to justify Diversity and Inclusion and to create a culture of belonging!

Why is that?

There is no evidence to support this myth of continuing the status quo works at all.  Whether that is around all male led organisations, a lack of cultural or ethnic diversity, or devaluation of those with a physical or neurological diversity (or, as I prefer to call them strengths and superpowers).

We continue to recognise those traits that have been dominant for centuries and feel that we need to justify any change!  Really? I guess it comes down to those with privilege protecting their castle, defending it at all costs from anyone who is not quite like them.

Argh! its “Culture Fit” rearing it’s ugly head yet again

Even when we have inclusion occurring, we can still be hierarchical in our acceptance – are you good enough? It’s fine, you aren’t too deviant from the typical, you exhibit the characteristics necessary to fit in to the culture! 

Argh! its “Culture Fit” rearing it’s ugly head yet again, furthering the safe and easy monoculture we all have become used to. Breathe easy, we don’t need to worry, they are a good chap or not a typically “emotional woman“. 

Why do companies and leaders still feel they need to celebrate embracing a culture of diversity and inclusion

So when did we last make a hire that was not one of the usual suspects?  Did we jump for joy, pat ourselves on the back and look for validation because we were brave enough to give it a go, take a risk and dilute the pool of normality, or is that the pool of stagnation?

Why do companies and leaders still feel they need to celebrate embracing a culture of diversity and inclusion in their organisation and need a medal or public praise?

Well, I will let you into a secret, “it’s because it is still unusual” – One day, in a another time, or another generation; diversity and inclusion will be the norm, and not a brave hire or internal promotion!

Does this sound like your organisation?

You need to be able to examine your own organisation from top to bottom, think about engagement and diversity in all elements of your businesses, not forgetting inclusion and embedding that with your teams.

As always let me leave you with three things to ask yourself;

  • Are you considering “everyone” in your organisation?
  • Who isn’t being represented, and how do they get a voice?
  • How can you evolve your culture to be Diverse and Inclusive by default?

Can you see change happening?

Call me to continue the conversation on how I can help you build a Transformational and Engaging D&I Strategy and Vision.

Joanne Lockwood the Founder & CEO of SEE Change Happen, and is a Diversity and Inclusion Practitioner with a specialism in Transgender Awareness.  She works with organisations all over UK, Europe and elsewhere delivering keynotes, workshops and performing Inclusion diagnostics.

To make contact or find out more please continue to her website or follow her on social media.

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