101 – Building a Trans and Gender Diverse Workplace Culture

Categories: Introductory Level

Tags: Transgender, Non-Binary, Inclusion, Workshop, Workplace, Transition, Culture, Gender Diversity, Allyship, SOGI, Hate Crimes


  • Duration: 120 -180 minutes
  • Situ: On-Line or In-Person
  • Format: Facilitated Workshop with Videos, Q&A
  • Equipment: Internet, AV, Projector & Screen
  • Room Layout: Class Room
  • Audience: Workplace, Club, Organisation
  • Typical Delegate Size: 12 – 16 persons
  • Cost: from £POA + VAT
Who is it for?

This session is intended for all staff or members of an organisation who wish to become more familiar with terminology and gender identities to help them understand and better support their colleagues.

Aims and Objectives

The aim and objectives of this Introductory level session to enable colleagues to become effective Trans and Non-Binary Allies. It covers the principles of Trans Inclusion, Language and Terminology and offers techniques for supporting and advocating on behalf of Trans and Non-Binary individuals. This workshop also takes into consideration sector-specific challenges and elements of inclusion based on your own organisational needs.

This is a longer session than “Empowering Effective Trans Allies“, and has extended time for Q&A and open chat.

  • Positioning the principles of Inclusion and Belonging, with an overview of Unconscious Biases, Intersectionality & Privilege
  • Explaining the various different Sexual Orientations and Gender Identities (S.O.G.I.)
  • Explains the various Terminology and Language that is important to Transgender individuals
  • Highlights the impact of Hate Crimes on Trans and LGBTQ+ individuals
  • Explores ways to become effective allies and support someone who has, or is in the process of transitioning
  • Sector-specific challenges ie. Housing, Retail, Health and Social Care, Education, Public & Private Services
  • Commitment to “What can I do” / “What can we do”
  • Reflection on personal learning and takeaways
  • Top Tips and Takeaways
  • Commitment to action
Group/Interactive Discussion

Typical Topics include;

  • “I still help, what can I do?” – easy wins/small steps
  • Spreading a Culture and Ethos to support a Trans Inclusive Workplace or Organisation.
  • Ideas for respecting the needs and identities of Trans Clients/Customers.
  • Becoming effective Workplace Allies – Advocating and Educating
  • Challenging Anti-Trans or Gender Critical Views
  • Wrap up, Summary, Q&A, Close

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