101 – Building an Inclusive Recruitment Process

Categories: Introductory Level

Tags: Recruitment, Diversity, Inclusion, Workshop, Bias, Workplace, Culture, Talent Acquisition, Inclusive Recruitment, SOGI


  • Duration: 60 – 90 minutes
  • Situ: On-Line or In-Person
  • Format: Facilitated Workshop with Videos, Q&A
  • Equipment: Internet, AV, Projector & Screen
  • Room Layout: Class Room
  • Audience: Workplace, Club, Organisation
  • Typical Delegate Size: 12 – 16 persons
  • Cost: from £POA + VAT
Who is it for?

This introductory session is targeted at leaders and managers who have recruitment responsibility in order to challenge their existing thinking and introduce alternative perspectives which they can take away and action.

Aims and Objectives

To be able to recognise and understand some of the ways that our recruitment process limits the opportunities of engaging with candidates from diverse backgrounds. Whether this is at the initial stage when designing the role profile and job description, the recruitment marketing that sits on top of the employer brand or simply the engagement throughout the process itself where bias is introduced, or the process is not inclusive and accessible for all.

  • Basic Principles of FREDA
  • Understanding Bias, Perceptions and Blind Spots and their impact on recruitment
  • How Inclusion Leadership is important
  • Overview of the Equality Act 2010 relevant to the recruitment process
  • How Privilege and Intersectionality compound bias and discrimination
  • Mitigating the Impact of Bias
  • Steps to building inclusive recruitment and workplace diversity
  • Commitment to “What can I do” / “What can we do”
  • Reflection on personal learning and takeaways
  • Top Tips and Takeaways
  • Commitment to action
Group/Interactive Discussion

Typical Topics include;

  • “I still help, what can I do?” – easy wins/small steps
  • How to build an Inclusive Workplace or Organisational culture.
  • Ideas for building an accessible and inclusive recruitment process
  • Becoming effective candidate allies – advocating and educating
  • Wrap up, Summary, Q&A, Close

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