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Inclusion Bites

Talking about Inclusion in the real world

Inclusion Bites is a podcast series where Joanne Lockwood interviews some pretty amazing people and simply has a conversation around the subject of inclusion, belonging and generally making the world a better place for everyone to thrive in.

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Plug in your headphones, grab a decaf and listen in for a little bite of inspiration.


Did you know...? The Inclusion Bites podcast currently consists of 18 episodes, with a total duration of 17 hours 01 minutes and 08 seconds and 1448 downloads. Another interesting fact is that the average episode is 56 minutes and 43 seconds long and collectively have been downloaded an average of 80 times.

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Our Hall of Fame:

Scott McArthur
Scott McArthur is a Co-Founder and Professional Speaker who features in:
Ruth Fogg
Ruth Fogg is a Speaker, Therapist, Educator and Author who features in:
Nic Marks
Nic Marks is a CEO and Founder who features in:
Michael Cerasi
Michael Cerasi is a Transformational Life Coach who features in:
Madeline Black
Madeline Black is a Activist, Speaker, Author & Psychotherapist who features in:
Ling Salter
Ling Salter is a Wellbeing Mentor who features in:
Lewis Bell-Cawthra
Lewis Bell-Cawthra is a Principle Consultant who features in:
Laurie Morgen
Laurie Morgen is a Book Author, Speaker, Autism Trainer who features in:
Katie Neeves
Katie Neeves is a Trans Ambassador who features in:
Joseph Galliano
Joseph Galliano is a CEO & Co-Founder who features in:
Jeremy Nicholas
Jeremy Nicholas is a Broadcaster, Comedian and host of The After Dinner Show who features in:
Jackie Handy
Jackie Handy is a Professional Speaker and Training Consultant who features in:
Hend Halim
Hend Halim is a HR Advisor who features in:
Gillian Jones-Williams
Gillian Jones-Williams is a Executive Coach, Consultant and Business Owner who features in:
Gamal Turawa
Gamal Turawa is a Leadership, Diversity and Human Rights Trainer and Public Speaker who features in:
Dr Lynda Shaw
Dr Lynda Shaw is a Neuroscientist and Professional Speaker who features in:
Dr Jacqui Taylor
Dr Jacqui Taylor is a Founder & CEO who features in:
Andy Barrow
Andy Barrow is a Accessibility Consultant who features in:
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