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Inclusion Bites

A podcast series where Joanne Lockwood chats to some pretty amazing people and simply has a conversation around the subject of inclusion, belonging and generally making the world a better place for everyone to thrive

Inclusion Bites is a podcast series where Joanne Lockwood chats to some pretty amazing people and simply has a conversation around the subject of inclusion, belonging and generally making the world a better place for everyone to thrive.

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Did you know...? The Inclusion Bites podcast currently consists of 56 episodes, with a total duration of 55 hours 02 minutes and 05 seconds and 12931 downloads. Another interesting fact is that the average episode is 58 minutes and 57 seconds long and collectively have been downloaded an average of 231 times.

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Our Hall of Fame:

William Buist
William Buist is a Business Mentor who features in:
Tony Winyard
Tony Winyard is a Coach, trainer who features in:
Tom Morley
Tom Morley is a Rockstar Activator who features in:
Susan Heaton-Wright
Susan Heaton-Wright is a Speaker, Trainer, Consultant who features in:
Stacy Hart
Stacy Hart is a Actor, singer and voice artist and intersectional feminist activist who features in:
Scott McArthur
Scott McArthur is a Co-Founder and Professional Speaker who features in:
Sarah Burrell
Sarah Burrell is a Speaker, Trainer, Consultant, Event Organiser who features in:
Ryals is a Singer/Songwriter who features in:
Ruth Fogg
Ruth Fogg is a Speaker, Therapist, Educator and Author who features in:
Roland Chester
Roland Chester is a Author, Disability Consultant, Trainer, Coach, D&I Practitioner, Public Speaker, HIV Activist who features in:
Rachel Oliver
Rachel Oliver is a Broadcaster and Presenter who features in:
Professor Laura Serrant OBE
Professor Laura Serrant OBE is a Diversity and Inclusion Specialist who features in:
Peter Edge
Peter Edge is a 'The Lost Knowledge Detective' - Keynote Speaker who features in:
Penny Pullen
Penny Pullen is a Speaker, Author, Consultant who features in:
Pam Burrows
Pam Burrows is a People Booster who features in:
Niels Brabandt
Niels Brabandt is a Leadership Expert / Business Owner who features in:
Nic Marks
Nic Marks is a CEO and Founder who features in:
Neil Carberry
Neil Carberry is a Chief Executive who features in:
Mushtaq Khan
Mushtaq Khan is a CEO of Housing Diversity Network who features in:
Mindy Gibbins-Klein
Mindy Gibbins-Klein is a Thoughtful Leadership Speaker and Coach who features in:
Michelle Mills-Porter
Michelle Mills-Porter is a Human Communication and Behaviour Specialist who features in:
Michael Cerasi
Michael Cerasi is a Transformational Life Coach who features in:
Merel van Haastert
Merel van Haastert is a who features in:
Mark Wingfield
Mark Wingfield is a Speaker, trainer, coach on handling fear and anxiety who features in:
Mark Lee
Mark Lee is a Speaker and Online Business Owner & Magician who features in:
Marcus Cauchi
Marcus Cauchi is a Fractional Chief Revenue Officer who features in:
Mandy Hickson
Mandy Hickson is a Keynote speaker and Author who features in:
Madeline Black
Madeline Black is a Activist, Speaker, Author & Psychotherapist who features in:
Lulu Minns
Lulu Minns is a Award Winning Coach & Retreat specialist who features in:
Ling Salter
Ling Salter is a Wellbeing Mentor who features in:
Lewis Bell-Cawthra
Lewis Bell-Cawthra is a Principle Consultant who features in:
Laurie Morgen
Laurie Morgen is a Book Author, Speaker, Autism Trainer who features in:
Lauren Chiren
Lauren Chiren is a who features in:
Khakan Qureshi
Khakan Qureshi is a who features in:
Katie Neeves
Katie Neeves is a Trans Ambassador who features in:
Joseph Galliano
Joseph Galliano is a CEO & Co-Founder who features in:
Jeremy Nicholas
Jeremy Nicholas is a Broadcaster, Comedian and host of The After Dinner Show who features in:
Jackie Handy
Jackie Handy is a Professional Speaker and Training Consultant who features in:
Iain Chapman
Iain Chapman is a Community Affairs and I&D coordinator who features in:
Hung Lee
Hung Lee is a Curator of Recruiting Brainfood who features in:
Henry Rose Lee
Henry Rose Lee is a Inter-Generational Consultant who features in:
Hend Halim
Hend Halim is a HR Advisor who features in:
Greg McCaw
Greg McCaw is a Global Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion who features in:
Gillian Jones-Williams
Gillian Jones-Williams is a Executive Coach, Consultant and Business Owner who features in:
Gamal Turawa
Gamal Turawa is a Leadership, Diversity and Human Rights Trainer and Public Speaker who features in:
Esi Hardy
Esi Hardy is a Trainer, consultant, event speaker and advocate for disability inclusion in the workplace who features in:
Dr Lynda Shaw
Dr Lynda Shaw is a Neuroscientist and Professional Speaker who features in:
Dr Jacqui Taylor
Dr Jacqui Taylor is a Founder & CEO who features in:
Diksha Chakravarti
Diksha Chakravarti is a Wellbeing Consultant & Workshop Trainer who features in:
Derek Cheshire
Derek Cheshire is a Consultant/Trainer who features in:
Briana Tucker
Briana Tucker is a Business Improvement Coach who features in:
Antoinette Dale Henderson
Antoinette Dale Henderson is a Speaker, Exec Coach, author of Leading with Gravitas and Power Up who features in:
Andy Barrow
Andy Barrow is a Accessibility Consultant who features in:
Andrew Pain
Andrew Pain is a TEDx and keynote speaker, talking about domestic abuse and gender equality who features in:
Andi Maratos
Andi Maratos is a CEO of Chrysalis who features in:
Amy Rowlinson
Amy Rowlinson is a Coach, Podcaster, Speaker who features in:
SEE Change Happen: Transgender Awareness & Inclusion